5 Reason to Swim with a Mate

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Swimming is a fantastic way to maintain your fitness regime but sometimes it’s challenging to maintain a commitment to the activity. That’s why partnering up with a mate is a beneficial method to keep yourself accountable, challenge yourself and socialise at the same time. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should swim with a mate.

  1. Keep yourself accountable.
    Making plans with your friend to train makes it more difficult to cancel as someone else is also relying on your presence.
  2. Challenge yourself.
    Training with someone else will keep you pushing each other’s limits so you can be better. Having someone to motivate you can make all the difference as well.
  3. Build your relationship further.
    Exercising with someone you don’t know that well provides you with the opportunity to build a new friendship. Choosing your swimming partner with someone you haven’t seen in a while also allows you time to reconnect.
  4. Learn new swimming techniques and drills
    If you swim with someone else you may learn new methods of training the sport!
  5. It’s more fun
    Socialising before, after and during breaks allows you to be distracted from your workout for a moment of relief. You can also compete against each other to make the activity more fun!