BlueFit Swimming is Back!

June Newsletter Headers (23)

We know the kids will be excited to have swimming lessons return as our teachers got back in the pool as of Monday 15th June. To ensure the health and safety of staff and customers there are a number of measures now in place for our program.

As a critical part of our re-commencement, we have implemented measures to ensure the safety and health of both our students and instructors are at the forefront of your return. Minor changes may have been made to the lesson programming, as we continue to deliver safe and high-quality lessons.

Swimming is a difficult skill to master and through the learning steps your child may not always make significant progress. Occasionally children will plateau but this is not uncommon. Our teachers understand the learning process and will work with your child through these steps.

Through continual practice and repetition, skills will develop and become automatic. We ensure that your child follows the right steps to become confident and develop correct technique. This is the ideal foundation for building swimming skills. For more information on swimming lessons at South Rockhampton please click here.