Crocodile Season at Fitzroy River

Jan 2021 eNews Headers (18)

Following the appearance of a three-metre crocodile on the bank of the Fitzroy River near the Barrage at the beginning of the month, Rockhampton Regional Council issued a reminder to people that the Fitzroy River is known crocodile habitat.

Acting Mayor Neil Fisher said that “We’ve recently seen some children illegally fishing just 20 metres from where this croc was spotted, so please make sure you and your family are staying safe and not breaking the law.”

The public is encouraged to report all crocodile sightings to the Department of Environment and Science. Reports can be made via the Qwildlife app (available on the app store or Google play store) or by calling 1300 130 372.

DES is reminding people that Rockhampton is known as Croc Country and urge people in the area to always be Crocwise. So to avoid being snapped at try stick to your local pools where we are 100% croc-free. You can thank us gator.