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For the past 15 weeks Bluey has been on his big adventure, collecting his friends along the way.

So we thought we’d take some time to sit with Bluey and ask about his 2023 swimming adventures.

Q: What is the Big Adventure?

A: “Well friends my big adventure is a time when I swim for roughly four and a half months. During this time I visit my friends and we practice our swimming skills.”

Q: What sort of skills are you practicing?

A: “We love swimming! So we practice with our long arms, lots of kicking and blowing bubbles!”

Q: Can we join in all the fun?

A: “You sure can! Sometimes it can be tricky to find my friends, and that’s why I need you. Help me by collecting a game card from reception, and bring it to your next lesson. Each time you check in for your lesson, the friendly receptionist will add another friend to your game card. Hopefully we can collect all 15 of my friends!”

Q: But what’s in it for me?

A: “I’m glad you asked! Once you’ve completed your game card the team at reception have a variety of lucky dip prizes… Also if you take a photo with your completed game card and upload it to the website (via the QR code), you’ll go in the draw to win an iPad! How cool is that?!”.

*Terms and conditions apply. 

All prizes are subject to availability.

Stickers only available for lessons attended from now until 3rd September 2023.