Due to a plant room issue the program pool is closed until further notice. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We will be in contact with our swim school families individually if the closure affects their lesson.

5 Breaststroke Swim Drills To Try

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1. 400 freestyle, every 4th lap breaststroke: When swimming breaststroke try to glide 3 seconds 2. 4X150, 50m: breaststroke swimming technique+100m: freestyle In the 1st 25, you swim only with your hands in the breaststroke (legs closed)without breathing, 2nd lap- only legs breaststroke and 100 freestyle *between each 150m rest 30 sec 3. 6X50 breaststroke with fins: 1st 25 m hands breaststroke, legs dolphin. second lap freestyle 4. 50 slow 5. 4X300, starting with breaststroke fast and adding each 300 another lap of breaststroke: 1st 300- 25 breaststroke 2nd 300- 50 breaststroke and continue freestyle 3rd- 75 breaststroke 4th- 100 breaststroke all out- see the time and continue freestyle in 75% Credit: Swim West